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Concerns on Armada Reliability Ratings?


I am a new member to the forum.

I would like to hear from Armada owners about their satisfaction with their overall reliability with their suv's.

We bought a 2011 SV 4x4 in Feb 2012. Prior to buying this SUV, I read the owner feedback on other forums (ie. and was satisfied with what Armada owners had to say about the reliability of the vehicle. We have put about 7000 miles on our Armada. It has been trouble-free and my wife is very pleased with it.

I am a Consumer Reports subscriber, and today I received the December 2012 issue that had a section on new and used car reliability ratings. I saw on p. 66 of the issue that the Armada is one of the lowest rated Large SUV's. I know that Consumer Reports historically did not recommend the Nissan Titan (the truck on which the Armada is based) due to various mechanical glitches. The same page of the article went on to give the Armada's "sister ship" (Infiniti QX 56) a very favorable reliability rating.

I would like to hear some responses from Armada owners about this. Based on your experience, do you see any reason for such a low reliability rating for your Armadas?
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I'm only at 80k and it drives and feels the same as day 1. Never had a single issue, just a dead battery. Lol

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Let's see... In the nearly 5yrs that I've owned my '07, the only issue that I've really had was intermittent AC controller failure. Nissan swapped that out under warranty, and a cracked radiator a couple of weeks ago, after 112,000 miles of service.

The common concern that consumer reports may gripe about is the gas mileage. Like a tell people when they ask about how I feel about mine. Great space, comfort, strong... A good, overall, tank-sized hauler.

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2007 Armada SE - Family Hauler
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140,000 plus and driven harder than most. I had to replace my transmission around 110,000 but that was mainly due to the PGM 90mm TB upgrade and more my fault than Nissan's.

I would not hesitate to get another Armada.

Don - 2005 Armada SE 4x4 - PGM 90mm Throttle Body, JBA LT headers, Cajun Catted B-pipes, Borla Duel SS Cat-Back, UpRev, Injen CAI, 6" Pro Comp Lift, Ballistic Jesters, 35" Nitto Trail Grapplers, Train Horn, lights, sirens

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Thanks to those of you who responded. I am expecting good things from my Armada as well.
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Mine's got 67k on it. Things that went bad are- factory battery clamps-2000 miles. Switched to solid core high end clamps. Electrical system-2000 miles, messed up brakes, shifting, abs, et al. Put in the grounding cable kit and fixed all electrical woes. Oem General brand tires-800 miles, Nissan wouldn't back the tires, had to buy two replacements, went with nitto terra grapplers e series- fixed that problem. Compressor mounts for auto leveling system- 30k, 60k, gold warranty covered. 67k, failure to hold pressure, working through it now. Front shocks-800 miles. Nissan denied problem existed, replaced with bilstein 5100's- magic! Changed front end from 49 jeep performance to new cadillac performance. Tranny cooler hose leaks-3000 miles. Added real clamp, fixed that problem. Body to frame bushings wore out (all 10) -2000 miles. Been back to dealer 15 times, they are still dancing around that problem. Oem universals (4whl dr)- 40k, dealers (4) denied problem. Replaced with precision 280/330 with grease fittings. Fixed that problem. With all that, best traveling car I've ever driven. 4 light bulbs failed before leaving lot- when new. Nissan doesn't cover light bulbs! Nissan does not do pre-delivery inspections even though they charge you for dealer prep. All fluids were at minimum level or below when the car left the lot. Oil, trans fluid, diff fluids, radiator water, brake fluid, transfer case oil, etc, but by 8k, you should be past many of the trigger points. Would I but another one? Yes.
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My Nissan 100k mile Gold Security+ Extended Warranty paid for itself 3-times over and it provides a free tow + free rental car anytime yours is in the shop for any type of repair. That warranty has made me a very happy consumer, without it I would've sold the Armada for something else after the first pinion seal failure. At this point the Armada, Titan, & Z are the only Nissan/Infiniti vehicles that I would consider owning and after my experiences with this Armada and a 2005 Murano I would not buy any Nissan w/o a 100k mile warranty being thrown into the deal.

- Bob
2005 Armada LE 4x4
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Man F4N4EVR..... that is a laundry list of repairs.

Pops, that's horrible!

I was talking to my mechanic today and when I asked him about Nissan and reliability he kind of looked down and shook his head.

Does the QX56 experience all of these problems??
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#9 Old 11-08-2012, 08:32 AM
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I'm at 72k on my 08' and all I had was the clock and fuel guage recall done and a bcm module.

Not bad enough for me to run out and buy a 11' Titan I have 21k on and no issues.

Vehicles have gotten so complex these days it seems reliability becomes hit and miss. I have two different friends that each have a Ford F150 with a ecoboost and one has had no issues and the other is always in the shop....

2002 Frontier, 2008 Armada SE, 2011 Altima 3.5SR, 2011 Titan SV
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I had a 2007 and ran it till 98K miles before trading it. From 0-98K miles I followed the scheduled maintenance for oil changes, transmission and dif fluid exchange.

I replaced a c clamp for the cooling system that was deffective (under warranty)
My AC panel had a glitch that every now and then would switch the fan speed to high (panel replaced under warranty)

That was it. I never had to do brakes, replace any major parts, the only out of pocket I had was mods and I replaced the front shocks with Bilstiens like many of us do.

As a point of comparison I had 2 GMC Yukons (which your H2 was based) prior to the Armadas I have owned and they were good to just a few more issues. I was so happy with my mada I bought another ever though my buddy owns a GMC dealership and I could have gotten a steal on a Yukon Denali.

Good Luck

07 Granite Armada (Sold)
11 Armada Platinum Silver Lightning (sadly traded)
13 Infiniti JX35 AWD
13 VW Touareg TDI
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