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How To: Wire your HID fog lights so they stay on with your high beams

HOW-TO: Wire your HID fog lights so they stay on with your parking lights and do not turn off with your high beams.

I tried the jumper mod and that led to a lot of problems and fuses blowing so I decided to do it properly. Please feel free to provide input if I have gotten anything wrong here. Unforunately this was written after the install so the pics are of the finished product.

Parts needed:

- Armada
- Couple hours of free time
- 4-pin bosch type relay / Wiring harness to go from the relay to the fog lights (Armaden has these as part of a kit)
- HID fog lights
- Wire taps (I use the kind that look like this):

- Small screw/bolt, nut, and lock washer
- 2 small balloons
- Electrical tape
- 10 mm wrench / or ratchet with 10 MM socket (I think this is the size for the battery terminals – if not it is 8 mm)
- Sock or glove to cover the negative battery terminal
- MultiMeter (or test light in a pinch)
- Di-electric grease
- ¼” wire loom
-Zip ties
- Wire Cutters / Strippers

Step 1
- Disconnect and remove the battery from the truck (this will give you enough room to mount the relay)
- Put a sock or glove over the negative battery terminal so when you connect the positive terminal it does not ground out.
- Take off the plastic battery cover and drill a hole into it for mounting the relay if you choose to do so in this location. I have two relays one of which is mounted there:

***Make sure you do some test fitting to ensure that the relay will fit once the battery and cover are back in the truck****

Step 2
- The relay harness is going to have 4 outputs:

Pin 86 = Switched power (this will be connected to the positive lead of your parking light)
Pin 30 = Power (this will be connected to the battery)
Pin 85 = Ground (this will be connected to a metal chassis point)
Pin 87 = Device (this will be connected to the fog lights)
- Pull the fuse from the Pin 30 wire and set aside
- You cannot see it in the pic, but there is a nice bolt that is directly opposite the battery on the passenger side fender that you can use for PIN 85 (GROUND). Get that connected after you have the harness mounted on the battery cover.
- Put the battery back in and slip the cover over it, because you will have the ground connected it may take a little finagling.
- Connect Pin 30 (POWER) to the positive battery terminal. You will have to take off the bolt to do this and may feel resistance at the end of the threads before it comes off.
Ok, now you have the power and the ground connected, time to move onto the fog lights and trigger switch.

Step 3
- The wire on Pin 86 (SWITCHED POWER) will need to be connected to a switched power source, it tells the relay to turn on. I used the parking light on the passenger side due to proximity; this means that when I have the parking lights turned on it will trigger the relay and turn on the HID fogs until the parking lights are turned off – they will not turn off as long as the parking lights are on.
- Take out the wiring harness on the parking light housing and connect a wire tap to the positive lead. If you are unsure what wire to use connect the negative battery terminal, turn on the parking lights, then test with a multimeter to see which side gives you a 12V+ signal.
- Once the wire tap is secure, wrap it with electrical tape (a dab of di-electric grease is a great idea to keep water out)
- Connect the male part of the tap on the wire coming from PIN 86 to the female part of the wire tap
All that is left now is to connect the fog lights!
- You will notice that there are two leads for the fog lights, one longer than the other. Run the short one to the passenger side fog light and the long one to the driver side. It is a good idea to put the wire loom on before you run the wires. I ran mine behind the grill to the driver’s side light:

- Once the wires are to the correct locations, you can zip tie everything up to prevent it from moving around and give it a more finished look.

Step 4
- Now it is time to connect the fog lights. You will need to remove your old bulbs (save them so when you sell the truck you can throw them back in).
- The old harnesses will not be used, take a balloon and put the harness inside, then wrap tape around it to keep water out (again, di-electric grease is a good idea to put on the connectors so they do not rust).
- Install the HID bulbs being careful not to touch the glass bulb housing. If you do spray it down with denatured alcohol and allow it to dry. If you need denatured alcohol you can get it in the paint isle at HD or Lowes.
- Connect up the hid ballasts and igniters (I will not go into detail about this as there is already plenty of information).
- Zip tie everything so it does not move around. You can experiment with different mounting locations to see what works best – I just zip tied all the wires together and tucked them behind the fender well plastic cover.
- Connect the negative battery terminal.
- Install fuse in the wire from the relay to the harness.
- Enjoy your new HID fogs that stay on with the high beams! (note: your fog light switch will not work now).

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