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Originally Posted by grizzly5 View Post
Has anyone noticed the transmission is a bit jumpy? I know I posted earlier on transmission question but this is different. When starting off the needle is jumping up and down and you certainly can feel it. Seems like a software update needs to be done. Anyone else?
Not sure about it being jumpy, I agree with needing a software update. I feel like its almost a combination of transmission signal for the cruise issue as well as detuning engine for 87 octane is affecting the engine's acceleration.

On mine, the transmission seems to be hunting for gears, REALLY bad if you are cruising between 40-60 mph in my case. It seems as the trans is in 7th gear and with any kind of light or part throttle, just to pass traffic of even to maintain speed, the RPM fluctuates and the SUV barely accelerates.

And then accelerating overall for mine just seems like the engine revs hesitates and don't climb linearly/smoothly as it should. You see the RPMs rev smoothly and SUV accelerate well for a couple hundred RPMs and then can feel the stall or lag and it'll pick up again.
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