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Vehicle idling too High

My car (2004 Nissan Armada) just got back from the shop after fixing a problem with this excessive white exhaust smoke. Thank god that problem is solved but another problem surfaced. The vehicle is now idling too high, it has this nasty rev when I accelerate or from just being parked and engine running. The check engine light is on but the mechanic did not tell me the code. He just says purchase an idle air control valve. I am kind of skeptical about this. Does this sound right? I am wondering when he changed the valve cover assembly cover that he messed something up. Any input is appreciated

Also any one knows where i can get the repair manual? I did some search but couldn't find a manual for that year.
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If you search for “2005 Nissan Armada service manual” , you should have no trouble. You can try “” for starters.

You must have the “pathfinder armada” version. The 2005 manual will be just fine.

As for the code,

You can go so any autozone and they should be able to help you pull the code. You can also do it yourself if you have the obd reader (get one on amazon) and free software from your smartphone’s App Store.

Could be a faulty MAF and could be the idle air. You can reset the ECM (you can find those instructions online or on this site) yourself with the key on/off accelerator press procedures.

Sounds like you went to a 3rde party mechanic. Amazed the mechanic didnt give you the code!?

Did you just get this car? Have you had it since birth. Or is it a used car you bought? Since I don’t know the history of your car , it’s difficult for people on the internet to give specific help, but your issue sounds like its easy to replace, once you can get the codes.

Could also be other issues (CATs, O2 sectors, etc...)
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siontis, besides retrieving the actual CEL, check the (4) crankcase ventilation hoses that run from the valve covers. Remove the intake manifold cover:
(2) of the larger hoses run from the factory air intake tube to the PCV valves on the valve covers
(2) smaller hoses run to the top of the intake manifold runners from the valve covers
Make sure they're all connected.

When you're done, perform these DIY procedures to reset the ECU, Accelerator & Throttle Position Learning:
How to:ECU Reset,Throttle & Accelerator Position Learning - Nissan Titan Forum
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