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  • GarrettMcG ·
    Hi! Thanks for all the useful information that you have provided on towing in the forum. I saw in one of your posts that you have an excel template for weights...can you still share that? I'll be having my truck and trailer weighed in the next couple days. Also, how have you gotten the tongue weight? Do they do that at the cat scales?
    Thanks so much!
    Garrett McGuinness
    [email protected]
    gakeanh ·
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    Campfamily ·
    The Armada makes a great tow vehickle, as you've found while towing your kart trailer. But, it's real easy to overload it. Your max tow rating for the LE is 9100 #s, and the max tongue weight is 910 #s. Keep in mind that those weights assume an empty vehicle (driver only, full tank of gas). So, yes, I think the Armada will tow the trailer you're looking at, but if you start loading it up to the max carrying capacity, you'll very quickly go over max capacity. I personally wouldn't tow much over 7500#s total with an Armada. My trailer weighs about 5500#s, with a tongue weight of about 700#s. If you can believe it, with that trailer, I am about 100 #s over the GVWR of the Armada once I have my family on board (2 kids, 16 and 11, plus the wife), and a few things in the Armada. By the way, this is a common problem with all 1/2 ton SUVs and trucks, not just the Armada. If you really need to tow 9000+ #s, you'd be far better off with a 3/4 ton pickup or Suburban.


    evo8dad ·
    Hey man - could you give me your thoughts on towing a TT with the Armada? I have a '04 LE and am looking into getting a toy hauler. The one I am looking at has a UVW of 5300 lbs and a carrying capacity of 3695 lbs.

    Currently I tow a 4k lbs enclosed trailer for our karts to the track and am looking to get a toy hauler to be able to sleep over at the tracks with our boys but, to also take with us camping.

    Campfamily ·
    My receiver is set up with a down drop. If you still have the Expedition, measure the height of the receiver to the ground, do the same for your QX. If you don't have the Expy, consider doing a drive-by around a parking lot until you find one, then do a quick measurement. The difference will tell you whether you need to make a change, and if so, by how much. Good luck!!
    dbal72 ·

    I notice you tow a large camper. I am getting ready to tow my 26' boat for the first time with my QX on Friday. I was wondering if your receiver was rise up or down. Currently I have my ball with rise up from when I used an expedition to last tow the boat. Can't tell from your picture how yours is set up. I am trying to be proactive and have it correct before I got to pick it up and then waste time taking the ball off and turning it around. Your camper sits about how my trailer and tongue sit. Thanks!
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