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  1. Armada rear power hatch issues

    So one one with this issue ever?
  2. Armada rear power hatch issues

    Ok so I can't find anything on here about this. If there is a thread please point me there. Here's the problem. The rear hatch door will not work correctly all the time. I have replaced the shocks. If it's cold outside it will lift and close via any buttons or fob. When it's warm or hot outside...
  3. 04 Rear hatch not working right

    Yep pops i keep that greased with lard. So thats not sticking anymore. Its mostly half way down on the descent.
  4. CA HID Buy

    Exterior Mods
    Pm Armaden
  5. 04 Rear hatch not working right

    Thanks Pops. No the glass is closed good i checked that already. If the glass is popped the door won't work at all correct? And i did the shocks already. Its almost like when its closing it goes about half way then you help it past a certain part and it continues again by itself. It wont even...
  6. 04 Rear hatch not working right

    So the stealership said i needed a new motor for the rear hatch. First they said i needed hatch shocks to the tune of 90 bucks for the pair. After that didnt fix the problem they said the original shocks went bad and put strain on the motor because the shocks couldn't compress easily. Before i...
  7. 2004 Armada roof console

    Yes I do feel free t contact me if interested.
  8. New Member from Tennessee looking to buy an Armada or QX56...

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    I might would enterain selling my Mada.Its a 04 in mint condition with ALL service records and 55k miles.Fully loaded even has backup camera on factory nav.Dont know what you are looking to pay but my price would be up there around 20k at least.BTW title in hand
  9. 2004 Armada roof console

    Didnt know if anyone would be interested in the console mounted to the roof of the Armada.Dealership is replacing mine this coming up week and is giving me the old one.It doesnt come with moniter itself but should come with everything esle.I dont even know how much to ask for it or what the...
  10. Does Lowering help???

    I replaced the stocks with bilstein hds and its still all over the road but I do have 24s with rubberbands. Maybe that why
  11. Triple Dog E3 Gas Downloader

    Selling this for 200.00 shipped.Paypal accepted.Lower 48 Only.Heres the specs on it.Used but in perfect condition.Text or call with any questions Daniel 919-601-0008 Product Features: Engine Tuning: one Economy tune and one Flex Fuel tune. Adjust Speed limiter: This feature allows you to adjust...
  12. Super Bowl Pick

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    As long as one of my blocks hit i dont care who wins lol
  13. What bulbs instead of HID'S

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    Ive been a big fan of Hella foglight a matter of fact i just ordered some Yellow Hella bulbs for my fog lights.I would put HID fogs in but i have a 04 with plastic housings and not glass:(
  14. Rear hatch completely dead!

    Does the handle come painted to match?If not can you just pull the micro-switch from the new handle to put on the old handle?If not then you have the cost of painting the new handle also....Can't wait to hear the fix
  15. What bulbs instead of HID'S

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    Thanks yea i read the package today and it said 12 month warranty. Bought the Ultra's and installed them in the low beams only.I wanted to see the look at night before i bought a set for the high beams.Drove around abit tonight to see the light the ultra's put off and i guess im happy as ill...