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  • ehidle ·
    Hey drauden, I see you're on the list of people who do the timing advance. If this is still accurate, would I be able to come see you the weekend after Thanksgiving to get it done? All of the guys on the list near me haven't been active on CT for years and years.

    Anyway, let me know
    Snizzle ·
    Hey drauden. i remember you saying you had your transmission rebuilt after your hose came off. I have the same problem. What would you suggest I do. rebuild or new. thanks
    evo8dad ·
    Drauden - I'm in Sellersville (about 45 minutes south of you). Are you able to do the 2 degree advance Mod? If so I'd like to meet up sometime for that.

    2008Armada ·
    Thank you for sending me the emails. I've contacted both people and left messages. After more than a month of dealing with this, I'm saddened that I feel worse about the safety of the car than at the beginning. It's been a horrifying experience, and I actually think the people at Nissan just don't care by the way we've been treated and talked to. We feel like we are just a file they are trying to close and if they just don't return calls we'll forget what our concerns were. If we weren't talking about such a huge machine with a catastrophic part failure, maybe I would. But this is a serious issue and I feel like our representative is intentionally avoiding our reasonable questions and concerns. It's absolutely crazy and hope it's just one bad representative instead of a new way of thinking for Nissan.
    Perhaps the new contacts can give me will give us some new direction and help. Only time will tell.
    Thank you.
    carbonduc27 ·
    Got the LEDs yesterday. thank you so much!! that is so kind of you to do that. They are the same as i have so it is great to have some parts for when the leds fail (or the wife uses them as a battering ram!) . Again big thanks.
    drauden ·
    I did live in Virginia, but have recently moved north to Pennslyvania (near Reading,Hershey) My business partner has a house in Dallas GA. that I got down to visit a few years back. Next time I get down there, I will let you know and maybe be able to meet up.
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