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  • alex06 ·
    Hello, i like your setup. Would you happen to know if the front setup you have would work on my 05 but it's a 4x4. So I'm questioning if the list would still be more than 3 inch, which is what I'm looking for
    MHumaid ·
    Hi! Cool 'Mada you've got there mate!
    I have an '06 and my only complaint is the bouncy rear. I hear all over the forum that you are the authority to speak to for advices in this regard :D i want to know if the Raybestos are any good in stiffening the rear (and front?) suspension? Knowing that currently I have Rancho shocks at the back and Bilsteins at the front and my ride height is stock and I'd I want it to remain as is. Any thoughts would help! Thanks! :)
    Invanity ·
    nah man it was easy...I created a topic on how to the word debadge and my post should come up a small how-to on doing it
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