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  1. Tow Experts

    Towing Section
    Owners Manual Sptddog if you need to see an owners manual here is a link to an online version.
  2. How many miles on your Armada?

    General Discussions
    I took delivery of my 05 White SE in the mid January. By mid May I had 7500 miles. (50 miles for work each day.) Since I work in Mexico it was almost impossible to keep the Armada clean. So I purchased a used 1997 CBR 900RR in May and I have ridden it to work just about every day. Now the...
  3. New Wheels and Tires

    General Discussions
    The sensor warning will only show up after 35 or 40 minutes of driving. Once the truck is turned off and restarted the warning will go away. I drove back and forth to work (23 miles one way ) for 5 months and never saw the warning. But it showed up on my trip up to Dallas last month.
  4. Help on sticking on V8 badges on doors

    Exterior Mods
    Here are the dimensions for the driver side door. I did not measure the passenger side but it should be the same.
  5. New Member/Surprised That 2005 White Le With Only 3000 Miles Has Problems Already

    New Member Introductions
    There is a TSB on the clicking noise coming from the rear end. I also have a 2005 White Armada that has the clicking noise. The dealer that I went to was very reluctant to believe that the TSB which is listed for a 2004 applied to my 2005. At first they blamed the problem on the 20" wheels...
  6. Spacer Lift Kit

    Here is the diagram for the rear suspension.
  7. Tire pressure indicator with aftermarket wheels?

    I left the sensors in the factory tires and wheels. The light has never come on with the 20's that I have on. I have 4000 miles on the new tires and have never seen the low pressure light.
  8. Front Brakes Make Front Rims Extremly Dirty!

    I have started to notice the brake jutter after 3500 miles on my 05 Se. However, I do not really have a problem with brake dust on the wheels. Even after a full week of driving to work (25 miles each way) the wheels barely show and dust. The 03 Expedition that I got ride of would have the...
  9. locked out!

    The towing should be covered under the warranty. When my 04 Maxima was DOA after being shipped to Texas from Illinois the Nissan dealer here sent a flatbed to pick it up. The tow and the new alternator were both covered.
  10. Help Me Please!!!!!!

    General Discussions
    I have the 305/50/20's on my 05 SE with no rubbing. Seems to be a significantly rougher ride over the stock tires and wheels. On smooth roads its not to noticable. But, for my daily commute into Mexico the rougher ride is very noticable.
  11. Click from rear-end

    General Discussions
    I had the same problem with my 05 SE. There is a TSB for the problem for the 04 ( The dealership here did not think the TSB was applicable because it was for an 04. They were convinced that the problem was due to the...
  12. Cheap Plastic

    I noticed the same thing the first time that I hauled something in the back. I have several large scratches on one of the sides and on the bumper. I also noticed scratches on the pillars from grabbing the seat belt.
  13. Change Holder

    Interior Mods
    I tried double face tape and then velcro but I thought it moved around too much. I removed the inside of the the console and bolted the change holder in place. I had to open up the slots on the side of the holder to accept the machine screws.
  14. Change Holder

    Interior Mods
    I am not sure what the GM part number is. I found it on Ebay. Just do a search for coin holder. A similar item is listed below. It did require some slight modifications. I can post pictures of the modifications if anyone is interested...
  15. Change Holder

    Interior Mods
    If anyone is looking for an alternative to the expensive factory change holder for the 05 Armada. I purchased a GM change holder and installed it in the center console. It seems to do a pretty good job for only $4.00.