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  • 2015 Boy Toy ·
    Thank you, This was a huge help. I don't want to give up too much(well, really none but...) handling. I'm looking at PRG mini lift and Bilstein 5100. I have to reread your tread to determine spring selection. I think the SE springs in the rear, but I also thinking I might as well replace the air shocks too. My parts bill is getting hefty, but winter is approaching and I desperately need tire!
    Jeepfx ·
    Hey, I just wanted to say thanks for all the details in your lift post, best post I've read yet. So I have an 05 Armada le I was just hoping you could send me a message with everything you ordered , I noticed at the end of the post you changed out your springs to se springs. Do you happen to have a list or post with everything you ordered and part numbers ? I'm about to order my stuff, I just got the bilstien 5100 in today for the front. ThAnk you so much in advance
    GODZ1LLA ·
    PetitFrere I really enjoyed all your posts about your Armadas. I think I have passed you a time or two on the road. I live in the Southbelt area and frequent Pearland and Friendswood all the time. Just had a few questions for ya if you have some time. Thanks
    captj ·
    I thought I read on your profile somewhere you live in south houston I live in spring let me know when yall do the armada or nissan gathering I'd like to meet up with you guys thanks man.
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