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  • 501inthe503 ·
    Question im looking to work with mike to get the 3" Icon font coils extended, new UCAs and rear icon shocks. Would you recommend I also grab the Moog coils for the rear?? Will I clear 305 without any cutting??
    501inthe503 ·
    Pops hope all is well. See that you haven't been on here for some time. Again hope all is well.

    I've got a 13 Armada. Had auto level removed.
    Looking to do PRG ICON upgrade up front with.
    PRG level 9000xl shocks and the Moog spring in the rear.

    How will I be sitting?? Front to back.
    simply doing a 20x10 with 33's.(no clearance issues??)

    Thanks for your time.
    Cnj0517 ·
    Hey pops! You seem very knowledgable and figured and I shoot you a question. Vdc slip, abs and 4 wd popped up and won’t go away. I have 2005. Nissan has had it for two weeks now and they have no idea what’s wrong...any ideas.
    devante204 ·
    Hi Pops Im new this forum and i keep seeing your name so i thought it would be great to ask you a question about my armada that i just brought. I having problems with my rear suspension nissan told me i needed to replace my air compressor and both shocks i was wondering would it be smart for me to replace the part or to convert the shocks if so what products do you recommend. i also experiencing the squat in the rear. if i was to convert it to gas struts instead of air how do i get the check suspension light to go out.. i really would appreciate your feedback. thanks
    alex06 ·
    Hello pops. I know you're very knowledgeable on the armada. I was wondering if there is a way to lift the rear 4 inches and keep autoleveling. I'm looking for the 4 inch lift all around with the 08+ titan 4x spring+5100 bilsteins combo up front, but don't know how to do the back. I have a 05 armada se 4x4. Any advice would help. Thank you in advance.
    Connie2256 ·
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    scojo ·
    Hi Pops,
    Will I be alright with 305/60r18 (33.58x12.24) Terra Grappler g2's on my 06 stock 18 inch rims? Have 2 inch lift. Saw you went wider but tire shop saying It wont work. Also will I have rubbing issues? Thanks in advance!
    scojo ·
    Hi Pops,
    did you notice big difference while driving in city/highway when you had Nitto TerraGrappler 325/60-18 w 2 inch lift compared to stock? Also do you think will have to get PWM if I Get 12 inch wide 33 inch height tire instead of 13's you had? Thanks so much!
    tempounited ·
    hey pops I'm new to this website and i see that its very helpful with armada's, i was wondering, where can i get those biliestein 5100's shocks for direct replacment. because i was reading before that you have to order the biliestein 5100's for titan in order for them to fit the armada, btw i have a 2004 nissan armada pathfinder le with rear self leveling
    snip925 ·
    Right on Pops...thanks again! Now to figure out what size tires to get. Lookin for something around the same stock height but wider. And theyre going on the stock rims. I'm thinkin the NTG in 305/60/18 will do?
    snip925 ·
    Hey there Pops, I've visited this forum thru search engines about Nissan Armada lifts and saw that you have alot of knowledge about them. By the way, NICE LIFT on your Mada! Love the way it looks! I am currently in the process of getting mines lifted using the Bilstein 5100 adjustable shocks for the front end and I'm trying to figure out what I need for the rear. My Armada is a SE Model and I believe it has the IRS (Independent Rear Suspension) so I'm not quite sure if all I need is the PRG rear lift spacers or if I would have to replace the rear shocks as well? Thanks in advance! :)
    Todd ·
    Greg told me on the phone today that the new rear lift kit will NOT have extended bump-stop components. He said after much testing of the new lift design, they realized it was not needed. So they did not make it. Does that sound right to you? The lift is 5", plus maybe 2" for spacers, but leave the old short OEM bump-stop? Is that even possible?
    charlie1978 ·
    i just want to ask if there's after market auto leveling for our armada...ride @ the back still too rough...if non.,u think its a good idea to add a firestone coil rite helper spring?just to mke the ride more comfy...or sacrifice the auto leveling and i buy a bilstein to replace not towing a toyota sequoia anyways..maybe later on i will ;)..good news pops,i replaced my front suspension w/ bilstein 5100 last wk..ride is good @ d front(xcept d back).,no more shaky steering at speed bumbs...bad news is i forgot to measure the stock height before replacing (the new bilstein is set to zero)..i got too xcited n in hurry to replace d garbage tokico shocks..tnx...
    Tarantula71 ·
    Hey Pops, how are you today sir.
    question of the day is my passenger door chrome part/overlay is coming off. can this be replaced or fixed?
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