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  1. Rancho struts/shocks

    that is a question that I have not been able to get answered by anybody including dealers. what is the diff between an SE with just normal shocks and an LE where you swap out the air shocks for reg SE non-towing shocks? I can only assume the coils are sturdier in the non-tow SE? No clue but...
  2. Rancho struts/shocks

    the stock sized rear non-auto level shocks will fit in the place of the air shocks but you will lose every bit of load carrying capacity and from what I've heard the shocks wear out extremely quickly if you do it. You need to add some sort of helper springs such as the firestones if youy choose...
  3. Load Leveler not lowering

    ya, you should always hear the air release like you have in the past. Mine releases about 20 seconds after I jack the trailer tongue up. The exaust valve may have gone bad on your compressor? Mine went bad in the past but with the opposite problem, it was always letting air out and deflating...
  4. bought a new trailer..Questions on Towing

    Towing Section
    ya, amazing how clueless dealerships are. No question you do not have big tow. You are probably quite a bit over what you are supposed to tow with an SE but if you insist on towing this pretty large trailer I would not go far and would purchase the air bag helper springs you mentioned. They...
  5. Nissan Letter RE: Manifolds

    Just took my 2008 in due to hearing the noise that has been absolutely best described by Norcal as a ghetto 80s chevy under heavy throttle and both my manifolds are cracked. Getting replaced under warranty next Tuesday and I have 79932 miles on the truck. Lucky me.
  6. Leaking auto load-leveling!

    I also got a new compressor as they said it was an exaust valve issue. Even after that fix I had the infamous leaking right where the lines go in to the shocks. I tried the o-ring fix you can read about on here and it didn't work. Then took it to my dealer and had them change the lines (cheap...
  7. About to purchase 2008 Armada LE

    New Member Introductions
    I have the same year and model and love it. The Armada was updated in 2008 so you are looking at the right year and the 2nd row leg room is 2nd to none in the Armada. When you get it 1st thing to do is change the front shocks and you'll be good to go. Enjoy.
  8. Selling the Armada

    General Discussions
    $240 parts and installation? Sounds about right to me. I'm thinking about yanking out the auto-level and getting shocks made for an SE and the firestone bags so please let me know what you think about the ride quality, etc. Hopefully they don't stiffen it up too much as I know you have to...
  9. Selling the Armada

    General Discussions
    Campfamily was just simply saying a WD Hitch doesn't increase your tow capacity but is almosy always needed to tow at your max capacity safely and without killing your truck.
  10. Need Help! Trailer brake controller

    you have to buy a new harness but they are only like $10-15 or so. Pull off the part of the dash plate below the steering wheel and the plug on the mada is right in there, 4 screws only if I remember correctly. There are plenty of posts and topics in here about this and a couple have pics if I...
  11. Still no rear shocks for auto leveling Armada?

    Shock Warehouse
    nope, the airbag is attached to the shock and is one piece. Nobody will ever make an aftermarket shoch for that type of setup.
  12. Towing a Outback 250rs

    I have a 30 foot Coachmen Freedom Express 290BHS and use the same weight distribution as you except the 800 bars, not 600. This WD system works phenomenally well. My trailer is very similar in weight to yours as far as tongue and trailer weight. I'm not sure of the brake box but in my...
  13. Snow Driving with 4x2 Armada

    General Discussions
    Nobody seemed to chime in with the fact that even if 4x4 costs $3000 more, the truck is worth $3000 more no matter when you sell it within reason. No depreciation on 4x4 and if you are talking a place where snow flies even a normal amount in the winter, it is the only way to go in my opinion...
  14. Leaking auto load-leveling!

    same type of issue here. If it's above 45 or so my compressor never runs. If under that it loses air and kicks on once or twice a day. I can live with this since I do most of my heavy towing in the summer but obviously when it's cold something is retracting and letting air out. Probably the...
  15. Leaking auto load-leveling!

    I'm pretty certain I am going with some brand of "normal shock" in the rear, I believe anything that fits an SE will work, and one of the brands of helper air bags, Firestone or the other one, come spring time.
  16. Took out a Tahoe the other day from stop light to stop light

    General Discussions
    ya, the 2nd row in the Mada is 2nd to none and the styling and looks of the Sequoia in my opinion are not even close when compared with the Mada. With the more powerful v8 the new Expedition would probably be my 2nd choice now and I really do hate the new Tahoes and Yukons.
  17. Took out a Tahoe the other day from stop light to stop light

    General Discussions
    My bro has a new Sequoia but we never ran against each other but the official numbers are 6.7 0-60 for Mada and 6.3 Sequoia and I drove his truck before, it is slightly quicker.
  18. Leaking auto load-leveling!

    Definitely a cold issue. I have a new compressor and worked great never running unless truck loaded up until it turned cold here, consistently now in the 20's to low 30's. Now it runs every time I start the car and I believe some fitting somewhere, maybe the O-rings, retract when it is cold...
  19. Playing in the snow

    General Discussions
    Come on over to Buffalo. It's awesome here right now!!!! 3 ft + and it keeps coming....
  20. self leveling running a lot

    Had same issue. Mine ran a couple times a day. It was a bad compressor. Now that I had the compressor replaced it never runs unless I load up the truck.
1-20 of 32 Results