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  1. DVD Console - Question - Problem

    Hi Folks - It's been a while since I've been on this site, but I do recall that when the '04 Armadas came out...a lot of them had roof rattles. Mine had some rattles, but they weren't very bad - not enough to get noticed when I went in for dealer service every month. Lately it's been getting...
  2. Amsoil foam filters

    Performance Mods'd think this knucklehead would be at least a little subtle.
  3. Armada HID(Xenon) Headlight Conversion?

    Exterior Mods
    What's the status on this buy?? I might be interested in this as well. Does this conversion kit cover low beam and high beams??
  4. New Brake TSB Fix

    Just had my oil changed at my dealer today - and asked them to inspect the brakes. Pads are about half gone - and brake fluid low - but all in all -- compared to what many people have experienced... I've been lucky. A buddy of mine has had his Titan for about 2 mos and it is already vibrating...
  5. Buying 05 Armada OR 05 Durango

    General Discussions
    I too went through a similar decision process before ending up with the Armada. While I don't necessarily agree that the Durango is ugly - I think it's a decent looking truck (personal opinion only) from the front - I hated how it looked from the rear. If you drive up behind could...
  6. Banks Cat Back Installed In My Mada' (Pics)

    Performance Mods
    By the way - I can't even imagine just how gaudy a 5" tip must look -- my personal opinion only...for you folks that have one.
  7. Banks Cat Back Installed In My Mada' (Pics)

    Performance Mods
    Thanks for the report. What I'm really interested in is what the performance increase is...if any. I've been mulling this decision over for too long now...and eventually need to pull the trigger on something.
  8. Adjmcloon promoted to Moderator!

    General Discussions
    I'm in Columbia, Maryland - about 20 min south of Baltimore, 25 min north of DC. I've never really been to TX - need to visit one of these days -- been through the airport in Dallas a couple of times, the hospital in Dallas once...with food poisoning...I was making my connection flight...
  9. Adjmcloon promoted to Moderator!

    General Discussions were smart enought to head for a warmer climate!!
  10. Adjmcloon promoted to Moderator!

    General Discussions
    Let's not forget the East Coast mod (the original) who is still active around these parts!!!! :)
  11. Well my buddy SCR38 accepted the offer to be a moderator!

    General Discussions
    Congrats you guys!! I've been traveling a lot these days - making it harder to spend as much time on here as I like - good to see this forum prospering with good people.
  12. Upgrading OEM Bose System

    Interior Mods
    I would agree with you regarding your comment about the BOSE wiring. Since I was passing on what an audio shop owner told me when I stopped in, right after buying the Armada, to discuss upgrade options, I decided to see if there was anything in the manual. The manual schematic shows two wire...
  13. Hello from Big D

    New Member Introductions
    Congrats on your Armada - welcome to the forum :)
  14. The Big Chocolate In The House

    Exterior Mods
    That is super sharp!!!! I like the lights you put on the back -- where did you get those? I've been thinking of doing something like that...I trailer my boat a lot. Great looking ride!!!
  15. Interior Wood (Red Burl) Kit

    Interior Mods
    Yeah -- I'd like to see this as well. Probably the biggest thing that I'm not sure I like about the pics the stark contrast against the graphite interior of the Armada. Something that is classy but doesn't look out of place with the graphite would be great.
  16. Interior Wood (Red Burl) Kit

    Interior Mods
    Let us know what you get and post pictures. I can't quite tell if I like it from the posted pics or not...need to see more. Look forward to hearing what you decided.
  17. Armada looker

    New Member Introductions
    Bottom Line -- I think the Armada outperforms every other SUV in this category. I used Sheehy Nissan in Glen Burnie - I've been pretty happy with them thus far.
  18. Big Tow Mirrors

    Towing Section
    Shamus -- can you post pics of what your Armada looks like with the tow mirrors???
  19. Big Tow Mirrors

    Towing Section
    I'm interested in this as well. I'd like to see the back end of my boat when I'm turning....
  20. Rear wiper trickle

    General Discussions
    Interesting theory -- and you're probably right. My Jeep GC operated exactly the same way...just a weak dribble of fluid onto the rear window.
1-20 of 116 Results