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  1. Just installed Infiniti QX56 leather console lids.

    Interior Mods
    where did you get it from? I checked a bunch of sites for the 08 QX56 lid in Charcoal and could only find graphite but no prices?
  2. Yakima Skybox 18 $400 O.B.O.

    I was already back on my way up to Virginia by the time I got your PM. Fortunatly I was able to fit everything into the Mada without the need to buy a roof box. The price was excellent and if I was still in Orlando I definatly would have taken it off your hands. Bump
  3. 08 Blinking Airbag Warning Light of Death

    After the main controller was replaced and they were able to diagnose the problem it gave erros that the front side air bags were malfunctioning. The light blinks 8 times, pause, 8 times, pause and then constant for 4 seconds. Then repeats the cycle. They once again had to order a part so we'll...
  4. 08 Blinking Airbag Warning Light of Death

    I bought my 08 LE 4x4 back in July and last week my airbag light started flashing. In my old Titan I set it off by removing the passenger seat and just reset the light but I didn't remove anything to set it off this time. Took it to the dealer on Monday, controller was bad so they cannot...
  5. 08 Armada 1750 miles, Check Engine Light

    Supposedly the gas cap was not put on tight enough which is the reason for the Check Engine Light. I have this issue on my Toyota all the time and know it can be a multitude of things, ended up being an exhaust leak. Seems to be a catch-all solution when the mechanic can't figure the problem out...
  6. 08 Armada 1750 miles, Check Engine Light

    On the way to work this morning my check engine light came om in my 08 Armada. It is going in for service on Friday and I will post the results for the light. I am highly dissappointed with alot of features in this vehicle so far. I have owned 2 Titans (05/06) and I am having lots of...
  7. Stainless Body moldings and Window sill trim!

    Exterior Mods
    Sounds good. How are they stuck onto the existing moulding, double sided tape? Is there a gap between the moulding and door metal? I will be ordering a set next week.
  8. Stainless Body moldings and Window sill trim!

    Exterior Mods
    How often do these things need to be polished to keep their shine? I assume since they are just polished stainless they will tarnish over time. I would love to buy them but afraid they will end up getting water stains and tarnish spots like some of the aftermarket grills I have seen in the past.
  9. [Qx/Armada] 2008+ Front Display Mod

    Looks like the parking brake indicator light is activated by this switch along with the nav. As someone posted earlier it is probably tied into the light behind the dash which makes it harder to access. I can live without the dvd up front for now but once the wiring diagram is out this will be...
  10. [Qx/Armada] 2008+ Front Display Mod

    It looks like the switch is open when the parking brake is not depressed and shorted when pressed in. It also looks like there is just a nut holding that switch on there, so I would think you could remove the swtich and short the pins on the back to make it work. I think the Parking Brake light...
  11. [Qx/Armada] 2008+ Front Display Mod

    I think it is just the parking brake wire because I had the same thing on my 01 F-150 Supercrew and grounded the wire permantly. I looked up under the dash and did not see any noticable wires sticking out. I think if it was wired to the speedo they would have done without the parking brake...
  12. [Qx/Armada] 2008+ Front Display Mod

    Has anyone here with an 08 Armada modded the front screen to play DVD's all the time, so the parking brake does not need to be activated? I am sure there is just a wire running to the brake that I need to ground to the chassis but just wanted to see if anyone out there has done this yet. thanks.
1-12 of 12 Results