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  1. Question on 24167-WR8SE trailer light harness for 08 SE Armada

    Towing Section
    It was not hard at all, once you order the part you will notice that one end is for receiving the 7 pin connector and the other end has 7 pins. The 7 pins go to a harness on the passenger side of the armada, not exactly sure where it is located being I did this several years back when I had the...
  2. 2012 qx56 rear air suspension

    Sounds like your problem might be three things a bad compressor, a leak in the system, or a bad height sensor. First always check for leaks! The sensor has two functions to send a signal to inflate and another one to deflate. You can test this by removing the sensor (the one close to the...
  3. Rear sensor issues 2011

    So found this on another thread. When I had my 2008 I had front and rear sonar, so apparently it is a little different if you do not have front sonar. ( The rear buzzer on a Front/Rear Sonar Parking system is located about 3 inches in, under the headliner, after you remove the rear finisher...
  4. Does your 2nd Gen Armada interior making noises?

    2nd Gen Nissan Armada General Discussion
    Do you have a material list? I have the squeaks and creeps i want to get rid of šŸ˜•.
  5. Rear sensor issues 2011

    Sometimes a wire that is connecting the sensors in the back can become brittle and break. Check the wiring and make sure there is no issue. I believe the wires are daisy chained, so if one go they all go.
  6. Rear sensor issues 2011

    If I am understanding you correctly the rear buzzer is the one that went out, if that is the case the rear buzzer is located in the rear above the light switch.
  7. Replacement part# for Overhead consoles

    General Discussions
    Just letting anyone who needs a rear overhead console know that I am selling one on ebay with extra stuff.
  8. Trailer Running Lights

    Towing Section
    I still feel like this might be a bad relay in my opinion.
  9. Trailer Running Lights

    Towing Section
    Just curious have tried another trailer to see if you are getting the same result
  10. What system is this?

    I was browsing around the internet the other day when I came across this: Does anybody have anymore information about this? I mean I like my roku setup, but this one would eliminate the need for a remote and other things.
  11. Installing a WD Live TV in the armada

    I forgot to add this, the WD TV Live was about 50.00 dollars off ebay, the USB cable was about 10.00 and the IR blaster extension was about 10 (this is optional, because there is an app for the remote, but the only draw back is that you have to be on WIFI constantly to use it). So the total...
  12. Installing a WD Live TV in the armada

    Sorry for this late very, very, very, very late reply. It boots fairly quickly. Once you power it back up you have to reselect the movie you were watching and the system knows where you left off from. I have my system connected to wifi through my phone to take advantage of the apps like Netflix...
  13. Installing a WD Live TV in the armada

    My WD TV Live setbox install Ok, sorry this took so long to get back to, I was able to install it behind the radio and run a USB cable down the center console for movies to be played off a hard drive. I can now play Netflix in the car. here are some pictures of the install
  14. Installing a WD Live TV in the armada

    So recently my aftermarket DVD player decided it want to take a crap. So rather then get another one I decided to replace it with a roku like media player. The WD Live TV plays about any video format from a hard drive or USB flash drive and is also able to connect to a hotspot and play things...
  15. Steering wheel from a '13 fit on a '08?

    General Discussions
    I have not tried it yet, I had other things come up. I am still hopeful that I can get around to it. I might have sometime tonight to look at the service manual and do a little bit more comparison. The 2013 steering wheel is on eBay for about $325.00 w/o airbag, if anyone else wants to give it ago.
  16. Goodyear Wrangler All Terrain with Kevlar

    General Discussions
    Do you have pictures to show? I would love to see how they look.
  17. Had to do it Mada is on Vacation

    Off Topic Discussion
    I just bought me a 2001 Honda Civic about 9 months ago off of Craigslist for a really good deal. My Armada use to be my daily driver to work and back, now I just use it on the weekends with the family. Right now saving a whole lot of gas for weekend trips!
  18. Need tranny replaced on 06 Armada with 95K?

    I think I might have missed spoke, is there not a screen that can be cleaned or replace once you drop the trans. pan?
  19. Need tranny replaced on 06 Armada with 95K?

    Just asking, when was the last time the transmission was service? Was the filter ever replace? Have you done a drop pan refill (drain oil transmission fluid, drop the pan clean magnets, install new filter, put pan back and fill with new transmission fluid)? Sounds like somethings clog to me.
  20. Steering wheel from a '13 fit on a '08?

    General Discussions
    Here are some pictures from the 2008/ 2013 armada steering wheel back and front. All of the connections look the same except for the white one. I believe the connection for the white plug is for the horn, just my theroy. Take a look at these pictures and tell me what you guys think. This is...
1-20 of 66 Results