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2004 and 2017
Silver and Black
Platinum and Silver
I've had Riggs (the black Armada) since 2006 and at this point its like man's best friend. It's been through thick and thin with me, but I decided to get Murtaugh a few months ago when I thought Riggs was done for.
After I got Riggs and retired from the military I decided to convert Murtaugh into an SUV camper. I fixed the major issues with the vehicle (It has close to 300,000 miles on it), gutted the 2nd and 3rd row seats and began to convert it into a vehicle that I can hop into and just drive. Didn't matter where, so long as it got me there. I didn't want to put a ton of money into the vehicle and I learned that a pic-n-pull could be a life saver and it has. Anyway I repaired, converted, and drive it into the mountains every weekend (or whenever the hell I please) and it's been great. It's been a fun journey working on this vehicle and I'm grateful for my Armada. Nuff said.


No mods.
Riggs has been converted into a camper SUV. It has a 6 in" gel mattress, with storage below the mattress and storage pockets in other areas of the interior. Murtaugh has no mods.
Riggs has a roof rack carrier, a shower powered by a Shur-flo pump, and there's an ARB awning installed for shade when overlanding. Murtaugh has no mods.
Riggs has a pioneer deck (can't remember the model). Kicker speakers in the doors and a JL Audio Amp powering the speakers. Murtaugh has no mods.
Riggs has Kc-Hilites installed on the roof rack, the front and back bumper as well as under the vehicle. Murtaugh has no mods.
No mods.
Wheel and Tire
Murtaugh and Riggs have Cooper Discoverer Tires.


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Those are the best names for your 2 vehicles. Not saying the next part because of the colors of the vehicle, but wouldn't Murtaugh be the older one that's probably saying, "I'm too old for this $h|#." And Riggs is the newer and younger one? :)

Thanks for your service! I'm prior service but still work for Bragg.