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air conditioning

  1. Front upper vent

    I have a 2020 Armada. There is a vent above the rear view mirror that is always blowing warm air. I have only had the Armada for a week and I keep thinking its something simple but I haven’t been able to figure out how to stop it. The rest of the vents blow cold, but this one is always warm...
  2. Air Conditioning compressor clutch intermittently disengages (2011 Platinum)

    I have found several past posts where people complained of this issue, but never any solutions posted. Thought I would reach out to see if anyone had any experience. 2011 Armada Platinum Air conditioner will blow very cold. If I start it and it is blowing cold, I can leave it running in the...
  3. AC Clutch Rattle

    2017 Armada Plat. Does anyone else have a noisy AC clutch? On mine it is pretty constant and it's not just when it engages, But from outside of the car there is a distinct rattle. The dealer could not hear it one time I had it serviced but did a second time and replaced it. Sound is still...