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air suspension

  1. 2nd Gen Armada/QX Heavy trailer Towing Basics

    Towing Section
    For context I'm looking at towing a 6500 gross travel trailer, and I'd like us to have a CONSOLIDATED THREAD to share our thoughts on good practices (not white knuckle local driving). I'll add my final rig/setup details once it's been tested along with my impressions. For now I'd like you to...
  2. Shocks,struts or air bags

    2017 nissan armada SV looking to change struts,shocks airbags trying to avoid dealer and either do it myself or hire someone. I haven't been able to get info on part numbers everywhere I call says they dont have anything available. Anyone with any info on part numbers or place where I can call...
  3. 2012 qx56 rear air suspension

    I have a 2012 qx56, this past weekend the rear air suspension went low to the ground. I let it sit over night and started it in the morning and it was still down. I checked the fuse and it was good. Later on in the day it went back up but came down. Stayed down till this morning. (4 days later)...
  4. 2004 - Air Leveling Suspension Not Working

    Hello all, I have recently purchased a 2004 Pathfinder Armada LE and the original owner had the Air Shocks removed and replaced with stock shocks because he was tired of replacing them. The rear suspension was a rusted mess so I just installed all new control arms, springs, etc and continued to...