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  1. Problems
    Growing up, every electrical issue seemed to come down to the same 2 usual suspects.. Battery or Alternator.. (or the misc. cables connecting them). So when my wife's Armada battery died, jumped..died, so trickle charged, next day, died while driving, its the alternator, right? Had both tested...
  2. Problems
    2019 armada platinum , excellent vehicle ! I always kept my headlights on auto , went to car wash , the switch got moved to all the way up, I will assume non auto and parking lights. Didn’t realize it. Would this drain the battery to dead ? Went to start it in am . Nothing. Jumped it . Clicked...
  3. Problems
    Wife card battery was dead, gave the car a jump started. Drove for about 20 minutes turned of wouldn’t start back. Jump again took it to auto zone and oreilys voltage gauge going crazy, they said bad alternator. Drove it an hour has been starting for the last 2 days no problem
1-3 of 3 Results