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  1. Problems
    Hello everyone, newbie here on the forum and a newbie to armadas period. I bought my 2004 armada in phoenix about a month ago and drove it home to Michigan,this was because i wanted to avoid the salt cancer that everything "vintage" around here has. It ran great all the way back and about...
  2. Problems
    Growing up, every electrical issue seemed to come down to the same 2 usual suspects.. Battery or Alternator.. (or the misc. cables connecting them). So when my wife's Armada battery died, jumped..died, so trickle charged, next day, died while driving, its the alternator, right? Had both tested...
  3. Problems
    Okay Armada owners, diagnose this one! Rear liftgate motor only works about one in 10 times. The key must be in the ignition in order to start the car instead of keyless start. And the sunroof will not automatically open by itself. I have topush the back button about 10 times in order to get it...
1-3 of 3 Results