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  1. Problems
    Hi was hoping I could get some help with brain stroming. Been having a problem with my nissan armada 08 where it won't start but cranks. The engine sounds as if it were to start but won't run. So far I've had the battery replaced, engine coolant thermostat, cam shaft crank shaft sensors and fuel...
  2. Problems
    I was driving and I went to press the gas and my truck wouldn’t accelerate and the battery light came on the battery is brand new I have no idea what the problem is… Please someone help
  3. Problems
    Hi Guys, A few months back, my 2004 Armada will not start up. Well, it will start every now and then, but if I turn it off, I will have problems starting it up again. Every mechanic, I took it to says it‘s a fuel pump issue. I decided to replace the fuel pump following a few guides I found...
1-3 of 3 Results