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  1. PXL_20220521_035850651.jpg

    Parked on Kingsway near Metrotown in Burnaby, a suburb of Vancouver BC CA
  2. Interior Mods
    Hey there. Today as I was driving, I started wondering about the two blocked areas near the seat heaters on my 2018 Armada Platinum. I seem to have recalled looking at a similar era Infiniti - and seeing switches to control the 3rd row seats instead of blanks. Has anyone ever taken the dash...
  3. New Member Introductions
    He'll y'all, so I dipped my toes into the world of infiniti QXs by buying a 2006 model for a good price, I keep telling myself, but of course a couple of grand in repair needs, one rear wheel slightly angled in at the bottom, needing an alternator and a good scrub. 230k on the odometer, engine...
  4. Infiniti QX56
    Hello guys! I have just bought a 2009 QX56, and after driving few hundred miles all of a sudden the 'check engine soon' light flashed up. After this had happened, I pulled to the side of the road, looked at the engine, and I saw smoke coming off. It turned out to be cooler (it has got small...
  5. Infiniti QX56
    I have a 2012 qx56. The car is absolutely epic in every way. Recently I had someone side swipe me and they caused the fender flare on the front passenger side to get pulled out. There’s no cosmetic issue, so I just pushed the clips back in. Well now the fender flare keeps pushing back out. And...
1-5 of 5 Results