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  1. Infiniti QX56
    Does anyone know where i can find the door Lock/Unlock wires? not the ones located in the door panel.
  2. New Member Introductions
    He'll y'all, so I dipped my toes into the world of infiniti QXs by buying a 2006 model for a good price, I keep telling myself, but of course a couple of grand in repair needs, one rear wheel slightly angled in at the bottom, needing an alternator and a good scrub. 230k on the odometer, engine...
  3. How To's And DIYs
    My dad has a basic stock '05 Armada that I want to mod a bit for him if I can find some junkyard parts. However, no junky within several hours have any Armada or QX56. Barely any Pathfinder or Titan. Is there a list anywhere of what exactly can interchange? I searched this site using google...
  4. Infiniti QX56
    Hello all, I’ve had a metallic roulette wheel noise coming out of what I think is the driver side for about a month or more. Mechanic #1 wrote on the cover page that the driveshaft rear joint is bad. On the inspection checklist page he wrote that the front shaft joint is bad. Does this mean the...
  5. Performance Mods
    Thanks for reviewing and I appreicate your input in advance. At over 175,000 miles I just got my first cracked manifold a month ago. I have done a lot of readiing on headers in this forum and there is a lot of good information. My 2008 QX56 isn't a daily any longer but its value to me is...
  6. Infiniti QX56
    I purchased a 2012 qx56 last July. It had just over 76,000 miles when I purchased it, and was in great condition. I have changed the oil every 5k, and have only used full synthetic. Recently I decided to look at the maintenance that was done by previous owner, and the only thing that catches my...
  7. Infiniti QX56
    Hello guys! I have just bought a 2009 QX56, and after driving few hundred miles all of a sudden the 'check engine soon' light flashed up. After this had happened, I pulled to the side of the road, looked at the engine, and I saw smoke coming off. It turned out to be cooler (it has got small...
  8. Interior Mods
    Hi - I have a 2005 QX with just over 200k miles. We love her but the leather seats are tattered. How can I reasonably replace them?
  9. Exterior Mods
    Hello, I recently got an ‘08 Qx56 and wondered if all armada aftermarket parts would fit on it especially an aftermarket off-road bumper. Also if someone could link where I could find such bumpers that would be great! cheers.
  10. Buy/Sell/Trade
    Up for sale is a slightly used 1st Gen QX56 all weather floor mats in gray for $100. This is for the 3 rows and meant for the one with bench middle seat. If interested, buyer pays for shipping weighing in at 27 lbs. For example: shipping from MO to WA was about $76.32 and from MO to AR was...
  11. Suspension/Tires/Brakes
    I have a 2012 qx56, this past weekend the rear air suspension went low to the ground. I let it sit over night and started it in the morning and it was still down. I checked the fuse and it was good. Later on in the day it went back up but came down. Stayed down till this morning. (4 days later)...
  12. 2008 QX56

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  13. Infiniti QX56
    There's a crazy grinding noise from what feels like under the driver's side front. Also, the VDC, ABS, 4WD, and SLIP lights are on in the dash. I got the hub and axel changed, and that didn't help. Any ideas?
  14. Infiniti QX56
    I have a 2012 qx56. The car is absolutely epic in every way. Recently I had someone side swipe me and they caused the fender flare on the front passenger side to get pulled out. There’s no cosmetic issue, so I just pushed the clips back in. Well now the fender flare keeps pushing back out. And...
1-14 of 14 Results