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  1. Old or new armada for towing??

    Towing Section
    I’ve been doing a ton of research and have settled on the Armada to tow our future travel trailer, which will be about 29 feet and 7000-7500 pounds fully loaded. (I’d get WDH, sway control, etc) I had always assumed I’d get ‘17 or newer because of the newer body, sharp looks, etc. But I am...
  2. 2nd Gen Armada/QX Heavy trailer Towing Basics

    Towing Section
    For context I'm looking at towing a 6500 gross travel trailer, and I'd like us to have a CONSOLIDATED THREAD to share our thoughts on good practices (not white knuckle local driving). I'll add my final rig/setup details once it's been tested along with my impressions. For now I'd like you to...
  3. New armada owner from minnesota

    New Member Introductions
    Hello all We bought a used armada with 170k on it. Looks great inside and out with no rust. Only thing not working was the heated steering wheel....I checked fuse and that is ok but still no luck. It was also cold out and inside the truck when I tested. I assume bad element? Do you need an...
  4. Armada Grade Braking (2012)?

    Good morning, I am on my second Armada. My previous Armada was an 06. I have some hills around my house and my previous Armada would downshift when I tapped my brakes twice and it would relatively hold my speed during the descent. It was an 06 2wd, 2.97 rear end version. My new-to-me armada is...
  5. Power difference between 2012 Armada and 2015 Armada

    Hi all, I drove a 2012 Nissan Armada for 5 years and I tow a 26' travel trailer (30' tip to bumper) with a GVW of 6100#. I regularly have another family in it with me so it's not unheard of for me to have 6-8 people and a german shepherd in the car while I am towing. I loved my 2012 so much...