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  1. Pulse / Surge Uphill

    I have a 2012 Armada SV and just had the transmission rebuilt. Ever since the rebuild, it shifts hard into 2nd when cold but then it’s fine after it warms up. It also has a subtle pulse when going uphill at low speeds. (About 1500-2000 RPM between 35 & 40 MPH). It also feels like it shifting...
  2. Transmission shudders on hard acceleratioin in D but ok in 1

    Hey all on my 2005 2WD Armada 140k miles the transmission shudders when I hard accelerate from a complete stop when it is in drive. When I put it in 1st, it doesn't shudder when I hard accelerate. I slowly accelerate up to 5 mph then hard accelerate and it's perfectly fine. Also, this has been...
  3. Hi tranny temp when sitting long times in traffic above 80*

    Hi, I went to watch firework last night in FL and ended up sitting I bumper to bumper traffic at 10:30pm with 84* external temps. After sitting for about 30 minutes I glanced down and notice my tranny temp gauge was sitting at the small dash line before getting into HOT territory. I...