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  1. Towing Section
    Hey everyone, I've recently purchased an Armada SL 2017, and I'm loving the car (except the MPG o_O). I have little experience towing travel trailers as we have never owned one. I've pulled smaller trailers with bigger trucks (both borrowed) so I never questioned the capabilities of the combo...
  2. Towing Section
    So I wanted to provide some new Mada owners my initial experience towing a travel trailer and what to expect. I have a 2021 Midnight Edition. Love it and always will. Besides the Infotainment issues with reboots.. But last update in December seemed to help. Anyways I looked far and wide for...
  3. Towing Section
    For context I'm looking at towing a 6500 gross travel trailer, and I'd like us to have a CONSOLIDATED THREAD to share our thoughts on good practices (not white knuckle local driving). I'll add my final rig/setup details once it's been tested along with my impressions. For now I'd like you to...
1-3 of 3 Results