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05 Armada LE Build 03/2005

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I have Purchased a 05 Armada LE two weeks ago with all options except SAT. Traded in my 2002 Maxima for this and all I can say is this thing hauls a... I have on question though. How would I khnow if my car was build with the new brake/rotor kits. I asked my dealer and they don't have a clue. I will post pictures when I get home from work. Does anybody have pictures of the new brake/rotors that I can compare to?

Thanks in advance!
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As paspasero notes the vent is narrower on the new ones, and there is additional material around the spindle. The only way to really tell without photos is that the material on either side of the vent is the same thickness on the new ones. If the inner side and outer side of your front disks are different you have the old ones. The service dept. at any Nissan dealer has probably seen so many of these all they would need to do is pull the front tire and they could tell you without even looking up the part #'s.
The thread that was posted with pics is gone here, maybe still on ClubTitan.
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