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Previously on '05 Armada from Hell, in an effort to resolve the problems hidden by the lying, cheating PO, and to avoid having to swindle its next owner, I personally replaced the front diff to resolve the 4WD issues (except one small issue) and replaced the exhaust manifolds to try to solve the high-rpm stumbling that would gradually became a low-rpm issue that made the truck impossible to drive safely, even around town. Turn it off, restart, and the problem would disappear.

The high-rpm stumbling (starvation?) is still there. It only seems to happen when the engine has been running for a longer period of time. I turned it off for a minute, as I ran inside to get my scanner, and when I restarted, the problem was gone. Any ideas? I was thinking fuel pump, but why would it miraculously recover each time I restart the vehicle?

No codes other than P1273 (more on that below) the scanner showed "CL" next to the two categories for Fuel System. Would there even be a code for low fuel pressure? Is there a tapped port for screwing in a fuel pressure gauge?

I am also trying to fix the P1273 Bank 1, Sensor 1 Lean Shift. I previously swapped the sensors side-for-side (and replaced one after the O2 sensor socket slipped). The code remained the same. My scanner can read 'live', and as I was driving, the values would jump around, but on bank 1, never dropped below .22 or so. Bank 2 would drop to nearly zero off-throttle. Thoughts?

I see that some mention an IPDM relay. I have not changed mine. I do not know the condition of my plugs and wires. I do get some 'ticking', most evident under heavier throttle, but did not see any black soot around the new manifolds last time I took the fender liners out to swap the upstream O2 sensors.

Oh, and the 4WD works fine now, except in 'Auto', the 4WD will engage itself, but doesn't seem to disengage, ever. Switching manually to '2WD' works fine. Could this be a fuse or relay issue?

PLEASE help me get this thing right so that I can sell it. I can't take much more.
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