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Hey guys, after lurking on this board for a month and doing my homework, finally went and picked up our new 'Mada yesterday. Its so hard to find exactly what you want on these things. Coming from all BMW's previously I am very impressed with all the great features this vehicle has for the price of a lowly X3.

We set out to find an all around family car capable of carrying relatives and our baby along with all the various accessories that come with both. Our first day today found ourselves at the baby store and I was able to fit an entire bedroom set for our expected first born child in the interior of this monster. Really liking not having to "make" things fit into a sedan.

I have pics, but heck its the same darn thing everyone else has. Really wanting that billet grille up front though. Anyways, here I am. Next step is getting a trailer so I can tow my various toys to the track!

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