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'05 owners w/aftermarket DVD..plz help!!

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Hello, everyone. Thanks in advance for your help. I stumbled upon this site before I bought my Armada and it has been great. I do have an issue though. I have found some threads about the aftermarket DVD player that say different things. I am trying to narrow it down to people who actually have an '05 model year and had an aftermarket DVD player installed. Here is where I need help...

1. Is it true that you had to have some sort of attachment bar added to hold the DVD player up? If so, where did you get it and how much was it to install?

2. I have a silver Armada and I bought the Myron and Davis screen (thanks to people on this forum), but there are conflicting reports of the correct color. I saw on here that someone said Med Gray, so I went and bought that, and then last night I saw Steel is the right color.

3. How much was the install for the screen and dvd player? I want to make sure I am not getting ripped off, as I don't really know alot about the hook up.

Sorry about the long first post, but I appreciate your help.... :)
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