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05 owners with navigation

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Where is the rearview camera mounted at?
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In the tailgate next to the doorhandle.
Thanks, I'll have to look next trip to the dealership. Does it look like something that could be put on an 04? If not too inconveient could you post a photo by chance? Not a big deal, I hope to be into the dealership soon (once all the parts ordered finally come in).
Don't have a photo. Looks like a small black circle. The rear hatch handle has 3 sections: One for window, one for door, and one for the lens. You'd have to install a new handle or drill, I don't know. The view is good though as I can even see my ball hitch on camera.
Yeah -- that's one thing I seriously want on my '04. Would eliminate me arguing with my wife as she attempts to guide me on my boat trailer hitch....
After reading your post I went and looked at my tailgate and I think I know where it's at. It's in a logical place and should be easy to add. I have my NAV Switcher in to get the rear camera option added and will be hopefully putting in a camera in a few weeks. I bought a license plate camera that isn't going to I need to decide if I want to take it apart for the camera and how to mount the camera or try and sell it on ebay for close to what I paid and get a bullet camera and cut a hole in the tailgate.???
I was thinking about getting a rear camera.. what alters the use of a license plate mounted camera? just a bad POV on the Armada? I'd love to be able to see my hitch ball while backing up, make life a little easier.
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