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'05 Smoke LE & 20" rims - comments?

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I am a new member and wanted to show the Armada I picked out with 20" rims. This is the demo model. The wheels are "quasi-factory" since the dealer said they were unavailable to the public and come mounted with the Nissan center caps and Inflation sensors built in. With the Goodyear Eagle GT II they cost $2400.. I have ordered a brand new LE with the same wheels. I will also have my factory wheels for the Winter months. I think these 20s look much better than the stock rims. The Armada's beg for chrome wheels. Does anyone else have these rims? In lieu of these I was seriously considering the Foose Spank6. Picking a wheel is a tough job.

Thanks for looking.

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They look VERY similar to the rims I have but are different. I also got A/T tires as I need better off-road tracktion than comes with All season street tires. My package was a couple hundred less than what you have. Just an idea.
From where can we order them? They look pretty nice, and also, is there any bigger size like 22"?
Lookin Good.
splash guards?

Nice. I got the Boss 301 20" chrome rims with Goodyear Eagle GT 305/50/R20's. Those tires are wide. Now I have the problem of the tires spraying everything all over the doors and quarter panels.

Any suggestions on where to get wider splash guards (it didn't come with any on the front, and the ones on the rear are not wide enough)?
Did anyone find any nissan center caps that matched the Infiniti QX56 OEM rims? I brought a set with the tires recently for a wonderful price. Let me know if anyone has.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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