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Hello new to this forum tried doing some research regarding the different calipers from bosh/Akebono. Long story short quick stop I got my pads and rotor (fronts) did ask for production date so i figured they gave me the corresponding parts based on production date. Now 2 weeks in squeaking got worse first thought maybe caliper seized since noise was louder on the right side got that changed and no change. But did noticed the wear was only on inner and outer edge. now I went back to the store told them the situation and tried explaining the difference in sizes in rotors which they did confirm was true but according to their system theirs only 1 brake pad for the car and it’s not Bosh nor Akebono specific. But my question is Are brake pads also different sizes where if they gave me the wrong pad I wouldn’t of been able to put them on? or is it only the material it self that’s is bigger or smaller.

06 armada
Production 08/05
Brake shield does have bosh stamp but not sure if that actually indicates caliper type.
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