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06 mada need dvd help

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i have an 06 se with bose no dvd system. i have puchased the factory flip down monitor from an 04 mada and the remote control and headphones from an infiniti fx (i think). i have installed the monitor but could not find the wires to plug into---from what i've read it is suppose to be there---where is it or if someone has a pix of it.

i am looking for the factory dvd, if anyone has one available @ a reasonable price. if i get all these where do i connect the monitor to and the dvd to?

i currently have an aftermarket dvd player by "diesel" brand-----can i possibly use the aftermarket player to work like factory--ie. headphones, monitor and factory HU---if so how?????????

also need a service manual--anybody?


help anyone???????
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Service manual, check on ebay as that will be the easiest place to get it.

I highly doubt you'll find the monitor wiring already installed. No one that I know of has ever gotten the factory screen to work with anything but the factory DVD player. Either you'll have to buy the harnesses to connect the screen to the player or try and make your own. As for connecting it or an aftermarket DVD player to the HU follow the "how to" link in my signature.
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