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06 Majestic Blue LE

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I picked up last week and the proud owner of a 06 Majestic Blue Nissan Armada 2wd with sunroof and DVD. I'm still waiting for it to be shipped to me here in Maui via barge from Honolulu but because of all the rain we've been getting here in Hawaii, i have to wait. I'll post pics as soon as I get it. I'm already thinking of getting 22's for it. I have been lurking in this forum since last November 05 and finally decided to register after I picked up the ARMADA.

I'm now selling my 98 Nissan Maxima. I just love Nissan but can't afford to have 3 vehicles right now!!! My other vehicle is my dirty/ work truck which is a 91 Nissan Hardbody.
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Nice truck. I really like the majestic blue. If I buy another Nissan, this color is the one. Thanks for the photos.
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