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A family friend just purchased a Hyundia SUV for a reasonable price. When I took a look inside, I noticed how simmilar it was to my Armada. Side air bags, fold-flat front seat, a few other little features. My question is, for paying $36,000 for an SUV, one should expect a lot more interior than what the Armada offers (and this is for any Nissan employee interested in what the consumer wants):

1. Hard plastic seat back covers! Fooling around with my seats is scary, it's like a thich piece of cardboard was stuck in the back. New SUVs, including the cheaper Pathfinder (!!), have some sort of protective STRONG cover on the back seats, as well as the back floor area.

2. Overall interior plastic quality! Of course, any new vehicle is going to resemble your typical Tupperware set, but did the plastic need to be so damn cheap? I have found scratches from the front of my vehicle to the rear end from typical daily use. It isn't like someone's running around with a knife in my truck, so why does it look like they did?

3. We can't forget the squeaks and rattles. But we have another topic on that...

4. Bose system... I don't know about anyone else, but for the $750 I spent on this POS, I could have purchased a sound system of 2 or 3 times the quality. Not to mention that just about every new vehicle with a premium stereo has MP3 compatability. The in-dash changer is a nice touch, though...

5. The leather! I would have spent another 3 or 4K on my baby to get a sunroof and navigation if it weren't for the required leather. I took a look at my dealer's Armadas with leather, and the damn things are cracking and ripping at only 2-300 miles!! How can Nissan expect people to pay for that??

6. Interior fit-n-finish: I do like my interior's design, a lot. But it looks and feels cheap. When comparing it to the new Pathfinder, it seems to me like they just threw the Armada's together for as cheap as possible. My grandmother's older Pathfinder's interior is holding up a hell of a lot better than mine, and we're talking about a 4 year difference.

That is about all the time I have right now, so if anyone would like to add anything, maybe we can get Nissan to tune up their '06 models or something. If it wasn't for the control, drivetrain, and sheer fun that I get out of this beast, I think that mine would have been taken straight back to the dealer after about a week.
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