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'07 Armada - Doors randomly lock on their own

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I have been dealing with an issue with for several months now where my doors randomly lock on their own. This can be while driving, or while parked with the vehicle shut off. It can be one time, but when it happens, it is usually multiple times in a row, that I hear the door locks continually being triggered. I'm wondering if anyone else has dealt with this issue and what might be the cause? Should I start with the driver's side switch cluster, assuming that they may be worn out, or is there somewhere else that I should start to address this issue?
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could be the master switch that has a fault in it.
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Where's your key FOB when all this is happening? I had a similar problem which I endured for months. Actually I was more concerned about it unlocking randomly after I walked away from the vehicle. Eventually, I analyzed that the problem was caused by a combination of keys, key rings, pepper gel cylinder. When I stuck all these in my pocket, a combination of positions and movements could cause a key FOB button to be pressed.
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