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18 Inch tire alternative.

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OMG! These tires are the s**t. Replaced my POS OEM with these going on recommendations from Clubtitan. These tires rule. felt difference immediately. Definately less roll and they feel more stable - better response and less roll on turns.

I went with the 285-60-18 H rated. 775.00 for all four installed at tires direct.
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I placed an order with Discount Tires for Rims and Tires. The guys chose FALKEN tires for me - P305/45R-22XL 118H @ $215 each. Please do you guys know if Falken tires are good and if I got a good bargain.
I think it's FALKEN ZIEX S/TZ04 A/S B with a warranty of 50,000 mileage. I live in Beaumont, Texas. We don't experience any snow here.
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