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18 Inch tire alternative.

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OMG! These tires are the s**t. Replaced my POS OEM with these going on recommendations from Clubtitan. These tires rule. felt difference immediately. Definately less roll and they feel more stable - better response and less roll on turns.

I went with the 285-60-18 H rated. 775.00 for all four installed at tires direct.
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Well, 250 highway and city miles and can not even hear the tires over the growling of the engine. I guess thats good. They may get alittle noiser as they wear but so far they are quiet as a mouse fart.
I'm posting pics tonight but here is an update.

For thanksgiving I drove 1200 miles from Denver to Michigan. Tires made no noise at all. Very stable and I cruised for hundreds of miles at a time at about 100 mph. Got 10 to 18 inches of snow while there. I drove dirt roads that rated from 1 to 10 on difficult scale would be a 3 while there was a foot of snow on the roads. No problem getting thru. Coming back from Michigan on 11-27-05 got nailed with a blizzard in Nebraska. Roads froze Interstate 80 closed from freezing rain. Hiway patrol routed all traffic to country roads for about 40 miles. Cars were spinning out and crashing all around me like a damn video game but I trucked on thru at about 65 mph. I led the pack with alot of Infiniti's and lexus right behind me. Only used auto and 4hi when needed. Finally got back to Denver and it has been cold, snowing and colder. We set a record high yesterday at 4 degress with a nightime windchill of -30. So how were the tires you ask?? Best damn tires I ever bought. I purchased snow chains for the trip just in case and never thought about using them. These tires and the 4X4 capabilities of the Armada rule...
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