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1st fully loaded trip

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Well guys yesterday i took the Armada for it's 1st trip, NY to Maryland, 4 hrs, packed with 6 adults and 2 kids, total weight around 1025 lbs. Fantastic ride on the 95 going South and coming back North. Excelleration was fantastic when hitting over 80 , can feel the 5.8 V8. I guess it's worth my $$.
I also notice that when the weight was release from the inside, i was standing @ the back door and heard Air was releasing from some part arounf the back wheel, it was not tire pressure. Does anyone ever notice this.

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You must have the Big Tow package. It includes heavy duty air shocks on the rear and self leveling. The air was releasing to lower the rear to the proper level when you removed the load. You will also hear the air compressor running to raise the rear when you place a heavy load in the Armada. The compressor is located under the Armada, on the driver side, behind the rear axle. This is another nice feature on our Armadas.
Thanks for the info, didn't know that.
yeah my wife thought she had killed an animal or something the first time she heard it
You must have the "Really Big Tow" package.... I only have a 5.6!!

TopazM3 said:
You must have the "Really Big Tow" package.... I only have a 5.6!!
Same here...I only have the 5.6 as well!! You must have stroked it! ;)
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