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I have a few things i'd like to give the community to get ahold of first before i post locally.

I dont care about making a ton of money on these things, they are just in the way in my basement and i need the space. Just shoot me an offer on what you'd like and we can go from there.

The Nav Bezel was a project bezel that i got from a junkyard, i tried to piece it back together and primed it a little bit. i dont have the time to waste on it anymore. i know these are rare and sought after, but im not looking for a golden brick for it.

The console can come with a working DVD or just a stock non DVD, the colors would be off but you'd still have a DVD.

Edit: Forgot to mention that the console is the one i removed from my armada, the previous owner had installed an aftermarket flip down monitor. it was an eyesore so i removed it and the console and got myself one with a DVD in it. Thats why you see the 6 holes in the console.


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