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TL:DR - have an impact, cutting wheel, propane torch, and good penetrating lube ready before doing this job on these with higher mileage.

Hello all,

I had a HELL of a time getting those lower shock bolts out that had not been touched since 2009 (~135k miles on the Armada).

Passengers side is where I learned about that dumb caged-nut thing, had to cut the side of the metal cage that was facing me to get a wrench on it because it was just spinning in place when I tried to loosen it. You can see in the pic where I cut the cage.

Lessons learned from the Pass side, the drivers side I was barely able to get a wrench over the nut and that bolt just did NOT want to move at all for the longest time. I hit it with the full torque of the M18 gun (which is surprisingly more than most air impacts), hit it with heat, PB blaster, etc... and it did come out eventually.

Funny side note, when doing the driver's side I was going back and forth on tight/loosen on the impact to try to break it free (worked eventually). However... I wasn't paying attention and forgot I had the top bolt out....and let me tell you, with an impact gun swinging down that shock absorber so it hits the top of your head? Do not recommend, 0/10, 0 stars. Started bleeding, large bump on the old brain bucket, and one of those moments you think "I've been spinning wrenches for did I just do that to myself? haha

Installed new bilsteins (LOVE THEM), new SE springs, and air-lift bags. Kinda cool that you can just put the air line for the air lift springs in one of hte existing holes for the plastic shields, easy to get to when filling the tires with air!

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