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2004 Armada tire woes

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Hope someone can help. Had to replace all 4 of the stock Contis on my '04 Armada ~23,000 miles. I had had a wheel alignment at ~15,000 miles. Now, with ~30,000 miles I am told that the 2 rear tires will need to be replaced in ~4,000 miles (uneven wear on the middle treads). I always make sure the tires are properly and evenly inflated. Could this be due to bad tires or should I have had another alignment done when I replaced the 4 tires? Is this something common to the Armadas?

Any recommendations on other tires that will have a greater life than the Contis or do the Armadas just grind out tires??

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The tires on the Armada are not great tires and they do wear out quickly, I have 21,500 miles on mine and they need to be replaced. What we discovered when we went to replace them was they aren't rated to tow what Nissan says they can. They are a passenger tire that is rated much lower. We have been in contact with NHTSA and Nissan and Continental regarding the tires. Nissan says they are fine (of course), NHTSA is investigating the issue and Continental said the Armada really needs a LT tire for the weight and tow capacity. You shouold contact Nissan at 1-800-nissan1, continental at 1-800-847-3349 and NHTSA at 1-888-327-4236. Continental even told us the tires should last 40,000 miles and that if youu go to the dealership all they have to do is call and Continental will replace them. Good Luck. Call the above numbers and get a claim started so if this goes anyplace your name will be on file.
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We just discovered that the tires on the Armada aren't rated to tow the weight Nissan says they can. It looks like you tow like we do and you should be aware of this issue. We have been in contact with Nissan at 1-800-nissan1, NHTSA at 1-888-327-4236 and Continental Tires at 1-800-847-3349. NHTSA is investigating the problem and Continental came right out and said "you need a light truck tire on that vehicle to tow the way you want to. Nissan of course said it was fine. Please contact us if you have any questions.
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