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Likely the wires aren't in the overhead and if they are they aren't much good to you. When you buy a monitor it will come with the video and power cables that you will run to your player. It you don't have the wiring harness you can add the wires to the harness behind the HU. If you look at the kind of pins that are on the harness at the HU you might find something similiar that you can use at a computer store. Else you can order the DVD subharness and steal the wires out of that I believe. Hooking it to the AUX isn't a good option as it doesn't send audio to the rear controls so you won't be able to use the factory wireless hedphone transmitter. Which by the way works with just about any wireless IR headphone. Another option is to get the PAC AAINIS auxiliary input. It plugs into the satelite prewire so you won't be able to add factory sat but it will give you 2 inputs. But then the driver will have to listen to CD I believe if the rear is listening to the DVD...I don't believe you can have both FM or AM and the aainis on at the same time. Best option is to try and add the wires to the harness behind the HU.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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