I have a 06 gray Armada LE just got the timing chain(s), tensioners, slide(s), starter, valve cover gasket(s), pcv(s), platinum plug(s), new ecm relay with diode, wiper blade(s), oil and filter, trans filter and fluid change, alternator, idler, idler tensioner, water pump, hose(s), rad, thermostat, fan clutch, ELC coolant, bulb(s), hood lift cylinder, and fuse(s). Have service manual and Haynes book to go with. Have all the old parts for service spare(s). Have step by step photos on all critical point(s) during teardown inspection and rebuild phase such as TDC #1, timing marks etc... Runs great. Finishing up with a horn relay issue will be ready asap just in time for Mum's day. Tires have plenty of tread left.

Needs windshield, front brake job, driver fog lamp assy.
One dent, ding, scuff