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2006 factory DVD output video wires

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Hey guys, newbie to the site. I looked around the site and found out that in a 04 the wires are black/white and blue for video output. I tried those wires on the 06 but I did not get a picture up on the second screen. Does anyone know if they are different on the 06 or if they are the same. Please any help would be greatful.
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I only have the 04 manual, so the wires you listed are what I show. Are you sure you got the correct black/white wire? There are two b/w, one is a ground and the other is the video out +. Here is the diagram, I would bet that even if the wire color changed the pins are still the same as the 04.

You might check on ebay for a service manual.....I bet if you post over at someone over there will have an 06 service manual.
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