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I recently purchased a travel trailer and the stock power folding mirrors were not sufficient to clearly see so I purchased a set of Armada tow mirrors. Some people had varying success with the clip on mirror extensions, but I'd rather have a more stock option that I know is secure. Here's the part number you want. Telescoping Tow Mirrors 999t7aq001. I bought it from OEINFINITIPARTS for $341.26 plus about $60 shipping. They cost around $400-$420 shipped and I found a pair on eBay for $235 that says it's OEM as well. There is an aftermarket option, but I say go OEM. These are the chrome, heated version with memory (for each key, or buttons 1,2) and power top mirror adjust. There is no power in or out or power folding. Those parts are manual. You will lose the power folding function. They come with instructions, and replacement door clips, which I did not use. The instructions are for a Nissan, so I wanted to do a writeup for a Qx56. I found these instructions for taking the door panel off so it's a blend of the Armada & QX56 instructions. It took me about 2 hours total, but once you do one side, the other side takes about half the time.

follow these steps you find in these links.

Armada Install

2004-2007 Infiniti QX56 Front Door Panel Removal Procedure |

2009-2010 Infiniti QX56 Front Door Panel Removal Procedure

Here's what comes with the box.

Tools required Ratchet with 10mm hex & small extension
flathead Screwdriver
T25 Torx head screw driver
duct or masking tape
torque wrench if you want to torque the mirror bolts down. I don't think this is required though, just get them tight.

first step is to remove this cover. I used a razor then slowly pulled. Note that it will curl up after you remove it. Set it aside so the sticky part can't get dirty. You will have to reapply it as the final step.
Vehicle door Automotive exterior Auto part Hand Windshield

This exposes the 4 10mm nuts that you will need to remove. Note that the instructions call for stuffing some tape underneath each bolt so they don't drop and you lose them in the door. I highly suggest this, even though it's possible without putting some tape in there. I used duct tape as you can see in the lower left bolt. Stuff underneath each of the 4 bolts.
Vehicle door Automotive exterior Motor vehicle Bumper Hood

Remove all 4 10mm bolts from the mirror and set aside. You'll reinstall one of them in the end. The mirror will not fall out at this point since there are two plastic push pins holding it in still.

Now it's the fun part, removing the door panel. Let me say that I'm no door panel removal expert but have removed quite a few panels and this was one of the most pleasant panels I've ever removed. you don't have to peel back sticky goo and struggle to pop the plastic out. The plastic clips / clip holders didn't snap or break and I reused the orange clips, even though extras are supplied with the mirrors. Start with a small flathead screwdriver to pop off the plastic cover behind the armrest handle. Remove the 2 10mm screws. Then, remove the small plastic cover behind the door handle opener. Remove that 10mm screw. Now, pop off the remaining larger plastic cover behind the door handle opener and you'll find the last of the 4 door panel screws. Remove that final one.
Vehicle door Vehicle Car Automotive exterior Door handle

remove the door underneath courtesy light by inserting a flathead screwdriver on the top to pop it out. You can see I have some of the fancy infiniti logo led lights. Disconnect the light connect by pushing in with your small screwdriver.
Automotive window part Glass Bumper Windshield Window

Now we have to pop out the armrest controller. Careful not to rip your armrest, but wedge the flathead under and kind of pop it up. Now flip the panel over and disconnect all of the 3 main connectors. Your small flathead will help.
Vehicle door Vehicle Luxury vehicle Car seat Auto part
Vehicle door Vehicle Automotive exterior Car Auto part

now remove the memory seat button by popping it out with the flathead and disconnect the wire.
Bumper Automotive exterior Cable

Your panel is now free to be removed. You can use various tools like this panel removal tool or just use your flathead. I did not take a picture of all the places there are the clips, so just keep going around the door panel including near the top pulling it back to separate the clips. After all the clips are removed (you can get underneath and look up to see if any are missed), then kind of pull the panel up away from the window channel. After the panel is removed, the instructions say to disconnect the door locking rods. I did not. I got a helper to hold it up for me.

Now it's time to pull the original mirror off. First we need to disconnect the wire. Here's the connector you may need to peel a little bit of the plastic to get to it. After you disconnect it, push it back through into the door so it is hanging. Note that you will push it in front of the window channel. It's important that the new one also go in front of the window channel so as to not interfere with rolling down the window.

You can now hang the door panel on the window and then slowly wiggle the original mirror off of the door and then pull the wire up. Now it's time to replace with the new mirror below. Note that you want to be careful with how the plastic seats to ensure a good seal, a good look and maybe reduce wind noise.
Vehicle Auto part Bumper Automotive exterior Car

Install one of the 10mm bolts on the bottom left. Now, follow the rest of the armada install instructions by adding the plate and the final bolts that screw in from inside with the star bit. After the mirror and moulding are seated properly (I had to take mine on and off a couple times) then put the thin plastic cover back.
Tire Automotive tire Rim Auto part Automotive wheel system

Now simply reverse the order to install the door panel, be sure to route the wires out for the armrest panel, memory seat, and under light before popping the clips back in.

Follow the same steps for the passenger side, which will take you about half the time. Test the power functions and step back and enjoy how much these mirrors stick out versus the factory ones!

Ok. One week later. The mirrors take a bit getting used to, but seem to be just what I wanted. The black tape cover on the inside is now peeling off. This thread looks at the part numbers and they are like $20 each, so I am going to gorilla glue them back. Will take a picture when I do and also of mounting the trailer camera monitor to the dash with a panavise mount. "Triangle" door sticker cover


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@gtg413i I know this thread is over a year old now, but I was just thinking about doing this. I've wanted bigger/tow mirrors on my QX since I got it. The one thing that has held me back, and the piece I wanted to ask you bout was the auto-dimming. I thought I had heard that switching out the QX mirrors for tow mirrors would screw up the auto-dim in the rearview mirror since the QX had auto-dimming side mirrors as well. I don't care about the power-folding, but I didn't want my rearview mirror to blind me every time I drove at night. Have you had any issues with your rearview mirror not working properly after this swap? Thanks, for the info and the write-up.
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