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I don't like chrome and found a set of Titan 20" rims/tires for a good deal. Any interest in my chromies with 275/60-R20 tires?

I'm in Woodbridge, VA. Not excited about shipping, but if you want to pay for it I can wrap them up.

Three rims are in excellent shape, one has a small booger on it where I assume I hit the curb.
Two tires have less then 2K miles on them, the other two have plenty of tread (3/16" by my caliper).
The older tire on the wheel with the booger has a VERY SLOW leak that I have yet to pinpoint. 5 psi every couple weeks.
All four balance well and the treadwear is even.

I can take more pics by request.

Pics at link:
One Drive Pics

Shamus375PA on eBay if you want some level of assurance that I'm not shady.
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