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Hi there,

I got a used 2011 Armada, I successfully started fixing up a few things including a broken door handle: [SOLVED] repair back handle | Nissan Armada & Infiniti QX56 Forums (

As I installed the new one ( XtremeAmazing Rear Tailgate Door Handle for Armada 2004-2015 : Automotive ) I realized there is some empty space between the camera and the door handle.
Fixture Gas Circle Auto part Composite material

The previous door handle (white) had a larger hole and had a piece of plastic to make it a perfect fit.

Rectangle Gas Automotive tire Bumper Wood

Here are the two side by side (white is the old handle):

Automotive tire Rectangle Gas Bumper Electronic device
Automotive tire Bumper Automotive exterior Gas Trunk

This is the piece of plastic the white handle had:

Automotive tire Road surface Wood Asphalt Automotive design

And it doesn't fit my new black handle.

I am thinking about cutting the extra plastic or finding some padding to avoid water getting in. Any other ideas/suggestions?

And I have another question (perhaps a separate thread?) about the back camera, the view is kinda low... at the bottom I can see the bumper I think... and it used to be like that with the previous handle. Any thoughts? Does yours look like this?
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here is a photo of the view from the back on a nissan oem camera.
View attachment 52460

this was taken off this video

i recall seeing this as well. i think its there so you know where your bumper is in relation to objects near it. would seem this is nissan's intended purpose.

i did the mod just as you did back in 2006. i think i bought an aftermarket camera as well, and put it in there and fabricated something to protect it from the elements.
Thanks for the reply!

I wonder if gluing some glass in front could work instead of padding inside...
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