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2015 armada sounded like a blown tire

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We had just picked up our trailer from winter storage, had stopped at a stop sign snd as soon as we pulled away it sounded like we had blown a tire. We pulled over and walked around and everything appeared just fine. We started the car and this started rattling SO bad!!! So it must have been something with that that blew...any thoughts?


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are you asking what this is (this is the compressor for the air suspension) or are you asking what could have caused it to turn on?

did the sound eventually stop or does it turn on all the time when the car is on?
if you want to upload a sound clip so those of us over the internet can hear what you hear, that would be helpful, but any kind of rattling sound is not good. did you wiggle the compressor and see if there are any loose bolts or if something got lodged in-between something to make the rattle? if your air suspension works well and you want to keep the setup, you should be able to find a salvage compressor if you dont want to spend the money on a new one. im sure there are videos online to show you how to replace if you want to go that way.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts